About tainaka sachi


♪タイナカ サチ / タイナカ彩智♪
I think the first song I ever heard from her was from fate/stay night, then I heard her again in saiunkoku monogatari’s ending song, which I loved. Then I randomly stumbled along her first album when I was in Japan and decided to buy it. I believe her voice range is 3 octaves, and it’s amazing to hear her go from a very high pitch to a lower one without sounding too unnatural and abrupt.
tainaka sachi’s wikipedia article can be found HERE♡

Her songs are separated by albums and singles are located within their appropriate release years.


32 Responses to “About tainaka sachi”

  1. Sachi's crazy fan Says:

    I love Sachi so much. I like her voice . Where Sachi’lyric in 2010 ?

    • xxminkxx Says:

      I’ve been busy (also lazy when not busy) so I haven’t gotten to them yet. All I can say is, they’ll be up when they’re ready…

      edit: they’ll be up before I sleep tonight…

  2. Sachi's crazy fan Says:

    Domo Arigatou , tiếp theo , Tainaka Sachi sẽ tiếp tục phát hành 1 Album mới LOVE * BEST

  3. Sachi's crazy fan Says:

    I’m so sorry , where are you from ?

  4. Sachi's crazy fan Says:

    WOW 😀 ! You are so lucky . Do you know Jyukai ?

    • xxminkxx Says:

      i’ve heard a few songs from jyukai… i guess i didn’t like them enough to keep track of their releases.

  5. Sachi's crazy fan Says:

    Uhm , I see. Sachi-chan release a new album Love X Best: D. Do you know?

    • xxminkxx Says:

      Yes, I’m aware of the album, but it only includes one new song (being that it’s her “best album”).. It’ll be done sooner or later.

  6. Sachi's crazy fan Says:

    Can you translate help me the song ” With …” by Jyukai feat. Sachi ?

  7. rytheminmyheart Says:

    I was Sachi’s crazy fan (on your wordpress) and this is my word press 😀 .
    Please, translate help me the beginning of this video-live (when Sachi is talking wiht Jyukai). I uploaded it 😀 .
    This is link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=API5FdtAB0o

    Thank you so much 😀 🙂

  8. Sachi's crazy fan Says:

    Please, translate help me the beginning of this video-live (when Sachi is talking wiht Jyukai). I uploaded it 😀 .
    This is link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=API5FdtAB0o

    Thank you so much 😀

    • xxminkxx Says:

      Finally found time to do this:

      The two from Jyukai! Please…
      Hello everyone, good evening. It’s Jyukai.
      We’re Jyukai who have a connection with Sachi-chan.
      I have nothing to say other than the fact that we do have a connection.
      A very strong connection, too.
      Ever since our debut from the same office, with the same recording company.
      That’s right. We sang the opening and ending for the same anime and appeared in the same live performances.
      What else? The same radio program.
      We did radio programs!
      We did.
      Why was it the two of us?
      I don’t know.
      Just the two of us.
      You were never invited, were you?
      Frankly, what’d you think about that?
      How it was only me and Manami when it was decided that Jyukai and I would participate. What’d you really think?
      More than that, I was asked to talk at today’s live performance. But when I was about to talk just now, I thought, “I have no microphone!” The fact that even that’s not prepared for me is the reason why I’m not invited to the radio program.
      You’re right. That’s it.
      But Dewa-kun always provided support in the back.
      Should I say that he’s the unsung hero.
      Well, Dewa-kun with such power arranged two songs. With a song featuring Jyukai and me this time.
      Has anyone heard them already?
      Thank you!
      Many! I’m happy.
      It may be the first time for some. Well, me featuring Jyukai, Fragments of a Cloud.

  9. Sachi's crazy fan Says:

    Oh! Thank you so much 😀

  10. Sachi_cn fan Says:

    Hey I come here via google~am also a big fan of sa chan:D. There r many chinese fans like me and usually we’re in Sachi’s section of Baidu tieba BBS. Sachi has been to Beijing once for a small live event of China-Japan community of culture which was awesome! BTW, new album is coming soon! Last week I watched a tv program online where Sachi performed her new song named Sukidayo! What a nice song, what a brilliant performance!

    • rytheminmyheart Says:

      Do you want to listen a track of the Album Innocent ? 🙂

      • Sachi_cn fan Says:

        I got the CD of “innocent” at 4th March. Just 2-day shipment from Tokyo to London (I’m studying in London now), amazing EMS!

        BTW, I’ve finished the Chinese translation of all the lyrics in “innocent”. I even made a pdf e-book of all the Japanese lyrics and the translation.

        Looking forward to the English translation from this website. 😀

  11. rytheminmyheart Says:

    Do u listen the album ” Innocent ” ? 🙂

    • xxminkxx Says:

      yes, i have the new cd and started working on them but it probably won’t be complete any time soon since i’m a bit under the weather…

  12. Sachi_cn fan Says:

    Hey Minku san:

    Here I’ve got a question on lyrics to ask. In the song of 抱きしめて, there r two sentences of “慣れたように頷く声が 心にブレーキかける”. Basically, I have no problem with the meaning. However, what I feel confused is that the 頷く声 which means “the voice of nodding”, what does it mean? does it mean that when Japanese are talking, their nods with saying “hai, hai”, or sth like that? I saw you translate as “the seemingly weak voice that nods”, I don’t understand this.
    Also, if we see it in general, why here “the nods put a brake in my heart”? I still didn’t get this……

    • rytheminmyheart Says:

      Oh ! Can u English translation . How old are u ? Are you a boy or a girl ?

      • Sachi_cn fan Says:

        actually u know that Minku san is the best one who can do this. my japanese and english are not as good as Minku san :(. and i don’t have enough time, either.
        i’m a man, already 24 with 8-year experience in J-pop. what about u? let me guess,15? or 16? 😀

    • xxminkxx Says:

      well, i tend to do a lot of of literal translations and i think that one didn’t come out as good in english. basically, it implies a “yes” response. the particular line you mentioned follows the previous two lines asking if he’s just teasing her and he responds with an implied yes which puts a brake on her feelings (or that was how i understood it).

      • Sachi_cn fan Says:

        Thank you for answering!
        Yes I also understand like this. But I think here the girl is asking the question in her own mind instead of speaking out to the boy. Then why did she get the boy’s seemingly response which break her heart? Maybe here it’s just an assumption which is the Japanese way of speaking.

  13. Sachi's crazy fan Says:

    Oh ! I’m a girl , already 14 and I from Viet Nam ( a country has fogy music :(( )

  14. rytheminmyheart Says:

    Here is a video I made 🙂 .

    It’s so hard to make Kara and Translate but I do nearly complete 😀

  15. Sachi's crazy fan Says:

    Do you know Sachi’s new song ? It’s LIFE, she composed for Earthquake in Japan. This link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhdHchJAHVw
    Can you make lyric and translate it ? Thanks 😀

  16. Sachi's crazy fan Says:

    Oh, I’m sorry but don’t worry. Sachi will release new single on 27.07.2011. Single is Hanabi/ LIFE 😀 . I can’t wait 😀 ( i have ever listened LIFE)

  17. Jam Cheung Says:

    ありがとう!Becaouse of your work,I can learn how to sing her song.I am her fan from China,but now im in US.

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